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January 13, 2022
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Dr. Amarnath Muthukrishnan

User Reviews 14
  • Fantastic doctor

    Tushar Chaudhary
  • Excellent

  • Raghupathy (Raon)

    My pets are blessed because they are with the care of Amulya (Dr.Amarnath)

    Raghupathy (Raon)
  • Best clinic.

    Durai B

    I feel our pet is in good hands with the doc. Clinic is well equipped.

    Shakti Jayaram
  • Dr. Amarnath is a thorough professional who truly cares for his patients. He has extensive knowledge & experience in both small & large animal practice as well as exotics.

    Dr. Revathi Gotety
  • Best Vet Doctor


  • Good and well knowledgeable

  • Good and well knowledgeable doctor
    Explains everything

  • You are the best vet, thank you so much to you for keeping my scooby healthy for long years.๐Ÿ’

    Sangeetha visweswaran
  • You are the best vet thank you ๐Ÿ™ for keeping my scooby healthy.

    Sangeetha visweswaran
  • Grt full

    It’s been 8years,..we are with Amulya,I would say Dr.Amarnath is the best in treating our pets….the bond he creates with our pet is amazing…I would strongly recommend him to any pet parent…and proudly say our pet is in safe hands…thank u so much doctor for giving my pets wonderful treatment and being for us whenever we are needed ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Bhuvana Gangadhar
  • We are a young family and walked in to meet Dr.Amarnath at his clinic in 2017. At the time we were perusing the idea to bring a pup to our home. So dr.Amar first advice to us was very clear โ€œwhat is the PURPOSE you need a dog to your homeโ€, then when we decided and brought a Rottweiler and went back to him for our first vaccination of Max he outlined a clear growth plan. Had our first x-ray done at 9 months to check our max hips and joints. Most of his advice have been breed specific and affordable. Our max did have elbow hygroma which occurs on large breed who are constantly but on hard flooring. He advised rather than putting making max undergo a excruciating surgery to remove of his false bursa it is better to get our home in carpet. We did get our home in carpet and the hygroma disappeared.
    Our boy max is 5 years old and also a ferocious one. But dr.Amar was gusty enough to keep in his hostel for a week when we had a new verse as trip and they did befriend each other.
    We as pet parents do think that a vet contribution is very important to the survival of any pet and until today dr.Amar has played a very vital role in keeping our max healthy. To sum it up, to those pet parents who have the war to listen dr.Amar is a delight. To those who treat their pet as another object at home he is a nightmare.

    sundar rajan
  • Best of the best vet doctor in salem

    One of the best of the best vet doctor in salem I know doctor amarnath for past 10 years years he loves pets and take special care to each and every pet
    I strongly recommend doctor amarnath as a good vetnarian in salem district


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